Challenge Skateboards is a professional skateboard manufacturer and supplier with 20 years of experience. Our factory began manufacturing in 1993 and has reached a stable relationship with Canadian suppliers of high-quality maple logs. Challenge Skateboards adheres to the highest standard of service-oriented principles and has forged strong business relationships with more than 50 countries. Our products include decks, trucks, wheels, griptape, bushing, hardware, heat transfer paper, and other different skateboard accessories. Challenge Skateboards also provides international bulk cargo shipping business for foreign customers, offering “Excellent Quality Skateboards,  Good Service” everywhere. We focus on professional skateboard manufacturing, from roll-cutting to shape-making, and each process is done under strict supervision. Based on our large supply of raw materials, advanced technique, and professional staff, Challenge Skateboards can provide high-quality skateboard products at any time.


  • 1.Experience. Our factory began in 1993, making us the oldest skateboard manufacturer in China.
  • 2.Reliable quality. We use US glue and technology, as well as logs imported from the best loggeries in the United States. Our workers are well-trained and highly experienced. During the manufacturing process, all decks are kept at a constant temperature.
  • 3.Quick delivery. If customers use our stock decks, then we can ship within 7~10 days after confirming the Graphics.
  • 4.Stable and large quantity supplied. We import lots of logs per year and keep one hundred thousand decks in stock to ensure the supply.
  • 5.One-stop purchasing service.We can supply our entire line of skateboard products, including trucks, wheels, bearing, and heat transfer paper, in one shipping for customer convenience.

Promote skateboarding in China

We are the main force of promoting skateboarding for 16years in China, since we support skateboarding teams and games. 
The four skateboarding teams we support including most famous riders in China, especially we have one women’s team. 
We distribute our products to over 70 skateboard retailers. 
We sincerely hope to cooperate with the skateboard companies around the workd, 
to jointly promote the development of China’s skateboard market. 

  • 1.Specified Skateboard Sponsor for KIA WEG 2013~2015
  • 2. Specified Skateboard Sponsor For China Extreme Sports Competition 2007~2015

Factory's photos and Certificate of Original for logs





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